Large Southern Shores

Large Southern Shores

Our Southern Shores board blends sweet and savory flavors together to satisfy all cravings. We recommend pairing the buttery aged cheddar and bourbon cherry salami with a dollop of smoked strawberry chipotle jam for a fruity yet tangy flavor combination. This board serves up to 10 guests and includes the following items*: 

- Genoa Salami

- Prosciutto 

- Bourbon Cherry Salami 

- Buttery Aged Cheddar

- Basil and Peppercorn Sheep Milk Fresca

- Honey Goat Cheese

- Butterscotch Sheep Milk Gouda

- Strawberry Smoked Chipotle Jam

- Creamy Bacon Tomato Topper

- Local Honey 

- Creole Mustard

- Crackers packaged separately

- Tongs and spoons


*Products are subject to change due to availability. 

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